Video Marketing! Is it Worth your Time

As well as being an enjoyable medium of communication, video also has some specific benefits for businesses:

* Increased brand awareness.
* Good for SEO — especially with proper schema markup.
* Increased user engagement — they like you more.
* Increased social sharing of your content and increased links — there is proof.
* Higher website conversion rates.
* Improved customer service.

There are now increasingly varied video formats that are being used to achieve these differing business benefits:

* Testimonial videos — to build trust.
* Product demo videos — to boost conversion.
* Web presenter videos — for engagement.
* Corporate stories — to grow brand awareness/trust.
* Animated “explainer” videos — to explain a concept or service.. 6. Interviews — to boost engagement and awareness.
* Comedic videos — to build brand favorability.
* Instructional ‘How to’ videos — to create trust and engagement.

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