Three reasons it makes sense for Snapchat to turn down $3 billion from Facebook

for over a year now the word MOBILE… has been part of my daily vernacular. The list runs for miles why mobile phones and their ever-growing menu of useful features have created sustainability in the market. As an !4 year veteran of Digital Marketing it’s exciting when new Marketing channels open up, better yet a technology rolls out that revolutionizes the way we strategize.

The future can tell us many things and the history of phones is not immune, in America phones date back to the late 1870 and since then we haven’t stopped with our phone obsession. It’s something about losing that ability to connect with a loved one is plain frightening to some, and for that reason, worldwide demand for some form of mobile communication will not diminish. I would to attribute my reasoning to all the cool technology that may or may not make our lives easier, although I stand by simplicity.

Ponder this; consumers demand communication whether social, email, mobile in person etc., thus we have unlimited ways to communicate, so if were all demanding a mobile device I’m all about making said device drive my car, fly my personal drone, talk to me when I’m lonely, unlock my house turn the lights on, clean, prepare dinner and put the kids to bed. Did I take it to far?

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