Lead Nurturing The 10 Commandments

lead generation


1.    Freshen up content on your website that sells products and services. Rewrite sales copy and come up with new reasons why customers want to buy your products and services. This can mean rewriting emails, sales manuals or content on the website.
2.    Write compelling emails that sell your products and services. Don’t forget to put a compelling title in the subject line that gets the user to open the email. Something catchy gets customer or potential customers to read those emails and often call the  sales staff. Try to create personalized emails that sound like they were written for the target market.
3.    Use quality control on all outgoing emails. Proofread for spelling and make sure it is going to the right target group. Have your sales team call some of the customers or vendors on the list after a week.
4.    Use sales lead scoring to measure a lead that turns into a sale. Make a list of criteria to measure leads and change them as you continue to look at the numbers. Have your sales team keep a log so they can discuss lead scoring.
5.    List segmentation for email is a good way to fine tune your marketing list.  This can be done by age, geography, location, occupation, and income.
6.    When you design a web page create forms customers can fill out to contact your staff and don’t forget to include phone numbers.
7.    Produce video for your website with product use and testimonials from satisfied customers to see.
8.    Create promotions and discounts so that sales staff have something to sell to customers. Often offering something for less or with a free gift will entice new customer and generate leads.
9.    Work closely with the sales team coming up with programs and ways to nurture leads. Some ideas are emails, cold calls, and promotions.

10.Nurture prospects by calling them regularly, sending them discounts and promotions through email that are useful and current.

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